Hogwarts Psychoanalysis by House and Typology : Gryffinclaw INFJ

I thought I’d make a post for my personality type including both the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw personalities, since I’m pretty sure I’m a Gryffinclaw.

INFJ: Gryffindor

Out of all possibly types, INFJ is probably the one that Hermione Granger would probably fit best in. These people are brilliant planners, and for every plan they have that fails (which is incredibly rare), they have five more behind it. They are great observers, and can often see a lot of things that others may miss, especially extraverted Gryffindors that may be looking too much into the social aspects ofa situation. INFJ Gryffindors are much better at holding their emotions back when it is needed, however they are strongly feeling. They will often overlook what they feel to help others until they are alone, and then they will give themselves time to consider their own situation, and let their emotions run.

INFJ: Ravenclaw

Counselor Ravenclaws are among the most considerate individuals within the house, wanting to help others to the best of their ability. They tend to be quite shy, but given a chance to be close to a person, they want to do their best to make sure that person is comfortable and pleased. If someone they feel close to is in pain, they tend to feel this as well, which provides them with such discomfort that they compulsively need to do something about it.

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